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Post by Frank » Thu Oct 19, 2017 1:43 am

So here we are, a brand new all be it, similar website, with new features. So what is new on the website?
  • The font size, I became aware, that because I was using full HD to create the original website, I made the fonts a little large for general users, so I have adjusted the font size to the standard font size used for websites.
  • This forum obviously, unlike the old forum, this is fully featured, including BBcode, private messages etc.
  • Profile pages, you can now request to have your own profile page on the wrong turn city website, there is a predefined template, therefore you will need to fill out a pdf form and send it back to me, via the website, then I will create your profile page for you, once completed, I will let you know it is live.

The website is fully responsive and should appear just as well on your smartphone as it does on your computer. Should you experience any issues on any version, do let me know, I can't look into problems, I am not aware of.

For those who are interested, the site was created using Adobe Muse
Don't ask me, I just work here! :lol:

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